Baia degli Angeli - Amore 24h

The latest story recounted in STORIA VERA has given birth to a region, to a generation of nostalgics, and to a veritable mythography. Achille Filipponi concludes the review with words stolen from the dreams and memories of those who still dream of the life and miracles of the Baia Degli Angeli, the first paradise to arise on the Riviera, the first non-stop disco music track.

Grandma’s Pearl in The Ear Lobe

Legends are stories that, by definition, elude the brightest reasoning. Their strength arises where facts are lost in the splendor of events, and the Link in Bologna, concerning performing arts and music, is one of these. Carlo Antonelli, a frequent visitor, recounts for STORIA VERA the accuracy, the sensational, and the future that was happening at the Link.

The Die is Cast

The culmination of an era can only happen with a striking event: in 2007, the biggest rave ever marked the end of a decline that the movement had been dragging along for years. Riccardo Papacci recounts for STORIA VERA the finale marked by the Pinerolo Teknival and the enigmatic new beginning: a leaderless movement crouched and ready to spring.

Eur-Hole Dissonanze

Some events cannot be fully understood as they happen. Their understanding may come later. They are like black holes, gradually sucking in shreds of history, names, and events, preserving everything for the right moment: the entrance into a new dimension of culture. Costantino della Gherardesca recounts one of the most striking cases in this regard for "True Story": the Dissonanze Festival.

Crazy Narco-Fulled Investopedia Spazio Cathedral

What is culture? Between spaces and events, among mixes of experiences hatched from existential investments in tiny houses, ketamine, luxury and technological start-ups, angst and commercially targeted mood packets, Federico Sargentone's tale for STORIA VERA tell the allegory of the company HEAVEN-X and SPAZIO CATHEDRAL: plausible realities that we will not struggle to recognize nowadays.

The Ironic Nightmare of Trauma Fabrik

Bologna, early 1980s: in the spread of commercial advertisements, horror became glamour and glamour horror. There were the screams of punk, the premonitory irony reduced by the Seventies, the psychopathic and lysergic cultures. Franco Bifo Berardi tells us in STORIA VERA about the legendary base of these movements: the Traum Fabrik.

Slam Jam_addpmp_001-999

Attention Deficit Disorder Prosthetic Memory Program [ADDPMP] is a shape-shifting encyclopaedia of cultural and cognitive human knowledge networks by ILL-STUDIO and GENERAL_INDEX, in partnership with SLAM JAM. Since its launch in January 2020, ADDPMP explores a new model for knowledge production by rearranging universal information in time and space though the lens of ADHD. After Paris, Miami, Tokyo, Venice, London and Berlin, ADDPMP presented its latest installment at Spazio Maiocchi, in Milan, featuring new installations and performances.

Angels of Love

1994: There are likely events that have made the history of night movement and changed an entire country. One of these begins in Naples, among angels and sound enchantments. Gianmaria Coccoluto recounts in STORIA VERA the rebirth and footballing revival of the Neapolitan city after the departure of D10S, when the Angels of Love blessed ecstatic crowds in a moonlit party.


"Storia Vera” is our new project, made in collaboration with Zero. The excerpt "Fugazi" by Luigi Monteanni recounts the band's inflammatory appearance, their precognition of tomorrow and our unforgettable faults.

Two Sultans

"Storia Vera” is our new project, made in collaboration with Zero. The excerpt "Two Sultans" by Bruce Sterling is one of the chapters included in the publication, make sure not to miss it.

24.7 Fastlife and Slam Jam. Get Ready For a Fast Cop

Slam Jam partners up with 24.7 Fastlife for an exclusive tee, deeply inspired by y2k football kits and ripoff culture. 24.7 Fastlife has been working relentlessly to build up a community around their passion for all things bike. The Milanese brand arranges tours, ride-outs and meet-ups throughout Europe and nationwide, all to connect with an ever-growing number of enthusiasts.

Slam Jam and Zero partner up. What we get is an untold story of the past 40 years. Storia vera.

"Storia Vera” is our new publication, made in collaboration with Zero. We’ll follow Angels Of Love, get lost at Link and make it just in time to see Fugazi. Carlo Antonelli, Franco Bifo Berardi, Gianmaria Coccoluto, Costantino Della Gherardesca, Achille Filipponi, Luigi Monteanni, Riccardo Papacci, Federico Sargentone, Giovanna Silva and Bruce Sterling will tell us all about it.

Celebrating the Rossoneri's Iconic History

AC Milan and New Era joined forced again to launch an exclusive collection of headwear celebrating the history of the Rossoneri. The collection is available at Slam Jam Milano only until July 12th.

Supper Club Series #2

Slam Jam teams up with food culture expert Tavolata by Nest to shape a set of intimate yet inclusive social dining experiences. For the second appointment we asked to Jacopo Ticchi from Trattoria da Lucio to design a dedicated menu using the Dry Aged technique on local fish.

Milan Reinassance: a Night With Youth Club and Kobra Punx

Through their respective influences, Youth Club and the band Kobra Punx tell the story of the evolution of subcultures in the city of Milan. On the occasion of the premiere of Youth Club's street video 'YEAH BABY', Slam Jam Milano hosted an event with the release of an exclusive capsule with the skate brand and a concert by the punk-hardcore band.

I like to ride a bicycle because I like to be in the air

Our aim with this project wasn't just to shine a spotlight on a bubbling global subculture of extreme trail mountain biking, but rather to focus on the mentality that comes along with it. Discover our latest project.

ADDPMP [501-999] Vol. II

The ADDPM Program presents a perspective on the cultural and cognitive flattening of human networked recollections. These records sink into the residue of what it took to arrive at the dawn of the Anthropocene Era and examine its fingerprints, while synchronously shaping a cast of what the future might resemble in the form of a shared fantasy.

Circle – Dancing In Transit 2

The digital think-tank CIRCLE took part in the latest edition of Smart Life Festival – Umanesimo 5.0 with DANCING IN TRANSIT 2, the fourth chapter of a cycle of public program focused on the relationship between bodies and movement in urban contexts. The event was curated by the interdisciplinary agency 2050, together with Slam Jam.

Theater of the impulse, dramaturgy of the circuit: Julien Desprez summoning flows of absolute energy

The latest issue of X-Magazine shines the spotlight on Julien Desprez, Paris-based sound artist, performer, improviser, and composer. In each of his performances, he uses musical instruments to correlate his body movements with the space around him, creating an approach where music and art come together.

Supper Club Series #1

Slam Jam teams up with food culture expert Tavolata by Nest to shape a set of intimate yet inclusive social dining experiences. An experimental approach to celebrate local chefs from the underground, and serve as the dining experience gathering for multiple and diverse communities.

CIRCLE: Dancing in Transit

Dancing in Transit is the third episode of a series of public programs curated by 2050+ with the support of Slam Jam in the context of Circle, a digital think-tank launched by the two agencies almost two years ago which focuses on the triad bodies–movement–urban environments.

X Magazine Launch

Take a look at the latest X Magazine release. A balaclava full of horrors: mismatched frequencies, red eyes, dark circles, convulsive feet. A night with Duma and dj Die Soon.

The Real Y2K: Nike Resurrects the Air Kukini

The original Kukini dropped in late 1999 (then as a retro in 2011, then with a modified Free 5.0 outsole in 2012, then as a Zoom Spiridon hybrid in collaboration with Stüssy in 2020) and now ushers in three new colorways, including an already contentious Leopard print.

X Magazine 01 – Duma

The content is part of X Magazine and linked to its lunch together with a performance by Duma taking place on the 29th April at 9pm at NFQ. The performance coincides with the release of the “Euthanasia in Asia” limited edition-cassette which is part of the of the special edition of X-Mag.

Circle: Bodies in Flux

On March 15, Spazio Maiocchi in Milan hosted Bodies in Flux, the second episode of a series of public programs stemming from the digital think-tank Circle, curated by 2050+ and Slam Jam.

Behind the Bubble: 35 years of the Air Max

Easily among the most reliably popular sneakers of all time, the Air Max 1 hit shelves 35 years ago today. We celebrate Air Max Day 22 with a journey into the silhouette story and evolution.

Arpabong presents: Plants, Planet and Demystification

The publication ‘Plants, planet and demystification’, curated by Illicit, is a non-linear visual and textual trip. Merging concepts and images connected to the theoretical life of the Arpabong, the project seeks to build desire for an open discourse on liberation, allowing two divergent universes as a connected whole.

CIRCLE x The Smiling International School of Ferrara

At the beginning of February, the Smiling International School of Ferrara hosted a one-day workshop led by 2050+ and Slam Jam with the aim to kickstart a collective exploration of the city’s future around four macro-themes: GREEN, HEALTH, PEOPLE, WASTE. Visit CIRCLE and raise your voice.

Slam Jam & Iuter celebrate authenticity spotlighting iconic places in Milan

Slam Jam & Iuter come together to bring the spotlight on some cult places you have to visit when in Milan. In our first feature we tap into the iconic Trattoria del Pescatore, a reference for the Milanese community since 1976.


On the occasion of the launch of the first issue of Terraforma Journal, 2050+ and Slam Jam commissioned a series of entries to 5 groups of artist and collectives who explore the dynamics, tensions and feedback loops between digital gaming environments and game engines, allowing for new worlds and forms of politics to emerge.

Immune to Distance: Video Out

The film by Achille Mauri and Stefano Steno, produced in collaboration with Slam Jam, is out now.

Slam Jam Free Session at Spazio Maiocchi

To celebrate the skate month, Slam Jam dedicated a special drop from the Archivio along with Milan skate community.

CIRCLE: June Monthly Highlights

Have a look at the latest additions to CIRCLE and check out June’s best entries, curated by 2050+.


The ADDPMP Program presents ADDPMP [001-500], a collection of encyclopedic explorations that formulate a taste of our current time.

CIRCLE: April Monthly Highlights

Discover the latest contributions to our digital think-tank, curated by 2050+. Visit CIRCLE and raise your voice.

ARPBNG00: Bio-Acoustic Transmissions

To celebrate 4/20, Arpabong presents ARPBNG00, a biosystematic survery of 150 leaves of Cannabis Indica on Music Record.

Time Warp: the Northwave Espresso takes us back to the source

While celebrating Northwave Espresso's 30th birthday, we examine the trends that produced this early-1990s crossover and that signal its nostalgic return.

CIRCLE: March Monthly Highlights

We made a selection of the latest contents that are going through on CIRCLE, the platform initiated by and Slam Jam.

Transcendence of borders through culture: Wales Bonner Spring Summer ‘21

Our Wales Bonner editorial depicts the blending of perspectives and the meeting of distinct cultures, on all levels of the production.

Launching of CIRCLE: a digital think tank by Slam Jam and 2050+

A digital think tank that gives voice to the most pressing issues of our time, with an eye on multiculturalism and the changed climate regime. The aim of the platform is to provoke vibrant conversations and to ignite positive change.

The Arpabong: Object and Subjects

Last 420 we asked artist Verynice’n’sleazy to conceive and elaborate a piece of content that could portrait the future of cannabis. Along with GEORGIA STUDIO, he imagined the digital version of the Arpabong. Now, the Arpabong is real.


The ZX 8000 IRAK ushers in the relaunch of adidas Originals’ historic A-ZX series.

Paria Farzaneh 'Dinner at our House'

Paria Farzaneh brings her vision to Spazio Maiocchi hosting ‘Dinner at our House’—a communal celebration of food and culture.

Slam Jam in Tokyo

An insight of our experience in Tokyo involving intimate dinners, a club party and dope music.

Social Network Systems Episode 2: Instagram

In Episode 2 of SNS, Tiffany Godoy explores Instagram talking of filters, influencers, additions and, of course, hasthtag.

L-F.A.A. presents: Sad Boys Gear x Slam Jam by Yung Sherman

Discover the exclusive mix by Stockholm-based dj and producer Yung Sherman, part of Sad Boys along with Yung Lean, Yung Gud and more. His Y2K music influences are mixed with mid 2000's southern rap tones.

Social Network Systems Episode 1: Twitch

On the Social Network Systems series we explore the impact of tech platforms connecting people across the world. Welcome to SNS episode 1. It’s all about Twitch.

Introducing: Arpabong

Slam Jam creates the Arpabong, a multi-functional object that merges a harp with a bong and celebrates the harmony between marijuana and melodies.
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